Intro to In-Depth – The Beginning!

In-depth is here again!? Doesn’t eminent seem like just yesterday? Anyways, I am very pumped and excited for the next few months as I will be working on something that inspires me: animation.

After a lot of reflecting and thinking, I finally decided on my topic: animation. I really enjoyed animating in digital media in grade nine, and watching the work of other animators and TALONS, I was very motivated and inspired to create my own work. I want to then share my own accomplishment and hopefully influence more people. Moreover, digital media was always something that I tried to incorporate into my daily life, and this seems like the perfect opportunity,

The kind of animation I have in mind is 2D animating, and I want to focus on character and movement. I will tell stories, show ideas or tell messages through short clips that I make. I believe that when you put a lot of thoughts and passion in characters, the end result will totally pay off.

When it comes to the tools and programs, I already own Adobe Flash Professional CS6 on my computer, and I have a bit of background knowledge. I also have a drawing tablet that can plug into my laptop, which is a Wacom Bamboo. I got it as a gift from an old friend last summer and I have been slowly chipping away at it, sketching various things on art programs. Here is a drawing I drew over the summer on Paint Tool Sai, which is the program that I prefer:


My goal for this project is to really challenge myself into making quality content, as that is what I believe is important. I would rather make one outstanding animation than three decent ones. Another goal I strive to meet is to create an animation that is entertaining and engaging for viewers to watch, and I will know that by receiving feedback from my peers. In addition, I would like to become proficient in Adobe Flash Professional and be able to work independently with the tools and the general features of the program. Additionally, I would like to get better at drawing on the computer, by simply just practicing.

My mentor for the project is an animator that works for DMX Media, a big animating company that created many kids’ television shows such as Slugterra, Littlest Pet Shop, Caillou, Johnny Test, the Telletubbies, and many more. My mentor draws and designs specially for My Little Pony: Equestria Girls. I was able to get in contact with him thanks to Michelle Y, and I will start my mentoring sessions soon. For now, I’m going to be messing around with flash, and getting more familiar with my drawing tablet!

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  1. Sounds like you found a relevant skill to explore the next five months Who is your mentor? Are there any work samples of your mentor online? Talk to Eric. K. as well.

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