5th In-Depth Post – Mid flight

I have been working hard on my animation for the past few weeks, and I made a few changes to the short that I am currently working on. I decided to draw in black and white, with a few highlights of colors to bring out important objects in the animation. I have also broken down my character more, and his movement is a lot smoother now compared to before.

I was not able to meet with my mentor over spring break because I was away for most of the time, but I did work on my animation throughout. Here is part of the animation that I am doing, and it shows my character walking in a field of grass. I applied the skills that Jeremy taught me, which were to set pivot points at limb junctions and to change my character symbol into a graphic instead of a movie clip. —-> Character Walking

This conversation that I decided to record is with my mentor before leaving during the spring break. We were discussing technical components of flash as well as how he animated in his studio. We also must add the six hats to the conversation to identify what role each statement and phrase played.

The six hats are:

  • Red hat is emotions and intuition, which is the primary feeling we have.
  • Blue hat to organize other hats
  • Green hat for creativity and productiveness
  • Black hat for identifying faults, pointing out incorrect or weak points
  • White hat for hard facts and information
  • Yellow hat for benefits and values in a conversation

The conversation went a little bit like this:


Jeremy (mentor): So, do you have any specific questions you would like to ask me this time? (Green)

Me: Yep, I came with a few written-down questions. (Green-Yellow-Blue)

Jeremy: Great, let’s hear some of them (Red)

Me: How do we have a symbol play on the general timeline if the symbol has its own timeline? (Green-Blue)

Jeremy: If its some technical stuff, why don’t you come in my office? I’ll show you. (Green-Red-Yellow)

Me: Sure (Red)

(In the office)

Jeremy: The symbol must be a graphic to have it play its own timeline. You can change that in the properties window if you click on the symbol. (White)

Me: Oh, I see, I think my symbol is a movie clip. (White-Red)

Jeremy: So, what other questions do you have? (Red-Green)

Me: I was wondering how you make your character’s move bend their limbs separately? (Green-Yellow)

Jeremy: You must create individual symbols for each body part, and then set a “pivot point” to where you want the limb to rotate. (White)

Me: Oh, ok, so the pivot points are the white dots? (Green-White)

Jeremy: Correct, and to position them where you want you select the free transform tool. (White)

Me: That’s a nice feature! Thanks for helping me with this (Red-Yellow)

Jeremy: You’re welcome. Glad to help! (Yellow-Red)


Now that the break is well over I will work harder than ever to finish my current animation and to maybe start working on another one. I’m wishing everyone luck on their in-depth as well!

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  1. Thanks for sharing a sample of your work. You are making great progress. Excellent analysis of De Bono’s concepts related to the six hats as well.

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